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With more than 35 years of personally selecting the very best Hay products from the UK, Europe, Canada and the US for use by leading Racehorse Trainers, Stud Farms and Polo Teams throughout the UK, Ireland and the UAE, we at Ransley Hay understand that feeding high quality long fibre forage is the natural way to a healthy digestive system for your horse whilst generally supporting good health and performance. 
At Ransley Hay we appreciate the importance of a consistent, reliable supply of high quality forage for the end user and have a well-developed and robust supply chain that enables us to meet your requirements whether you have 3 horses or 300! 
We are able to supply the most comprehensive range of forage products that allows you to select the Hay most suited to your personal requirements. 
These include UK Hay in traditional small bales or large square bales, Canadian and American Hay supplied in approx. 50kg double compressed bales and a variety of Hay products from our innovative processing facility that produces fully packaged 20kg bales known as the Fibre Select Range. 
Whilst Hay is a natural product and by its very nature variable it is through our experience and selection processes that enable you to rely on Ransley Hay to provide you consistent high quality forage that can be used in all areas of the equine market. 
From English 1st or 2nd cut Ryegrass, Timothy or Meadow Hay or Canadian Pure Timothy, Timothy Alfalfa Mixes, Pure Alfalfa or any of our Fibre Select products including custom blends to your personal specification you need look no further for your high quality forage requirements. 
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