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We have been supplying quality hay for 30 years, we now have offices in the UK, Ireland and the UAE. See all our hays below. If you are at all unsure, use our experience, unique supplier network and our new packaging process to supply you with consistent quality hay for your horse(s). 
All our Fibre Select hay is delivered to you in a new innovative way to provide high quality hay in convenient fully packaged bales, our unique packaging system produces bales that are split into easy to feed portions whilst maintaining full fibre length. Would your horse benefit from being fed the correct amount of forage everyday, every feed? Would you benefit from knowing how much long fibre hay you are giving your horse every day, every feed? Fibre Select will give you this control. 
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Feeding correct amounts of long fibre forage is the natural way to promote a healthy digestive system for your horse and helps to reduce the risk of gastric ulcers, colic and other related problems whilst generally supporting good health and Performance. 
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To meet the demands of a number of our clients and from investigation of the wider equine market Ransley Hay have recently launched a new innovative way to provide high quality hay in convenient fully packaged bales called the Fibre Select range, our unique packaging system produces bales that are split into easy to feed portions whilst maintaining full fibre length. 
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Fibre Select is a comprehensive range of dust reduced, clean, high quality products that are either made from a single selection or a blend, in some cases to your personal requirements, delivering a consistent and reliable source of forage with the added benefits of easy to feed, easy to handle and easy to store. 
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These packaged bales maintain the colour and smell of the products generally extending shelf life of the hay whilst also dramatically reducing the cross contamination from airborne fungal, spores, mycotoxins and aspergilles etc, with an ability to vary both blends and portion size to suit your specific needs 
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However delivering the correct amount of long fibre in a uniform and consistent fashion is a challenge most horse owners work very hard to control a manage. With this specific need in mind and also a number of other challenges faced in most yards today such as providing enough adequately protected and dry storage space to prevent any contamination or reduced costs thru less wastage to providing bales in manageable sizes and weights fibre select ticks the box. 
Convenient bales for easy handling 
Palletised for easy delivery 
Save on storage space, can be stored outside 
Saves on transportation costs 
Consistency of supply 
Sealed Bale’s ensure minimises contamination and airborne spores 
Easy to train others to deliver exact quantities each feed 
No waste for maximum value 
Dust reduced promoting healthy lungs 
Portion control for consistent feeding 
Long fibre help in healthy rates of intake 
Can be used in conjunction with high Gain hay steamers if required 
Good colour and smell 
Protein control size to help control diet. 
Fibre select ryegrass


This product is selected from 1st or 2nd cut Ryegrass or possibly a blend of both to ensure consistency and reliability. Having been dust extracted as part of the Fibre Select process this is a clean and nutritious Hay and acts as a good source of both fibre and protein making it an ideal choice for animals both in and out of work. 
Fibre select ryegrass / timothy blend


This Hay is a blend of 1st cut Ryegrass and 1st cut Timothy Hay creating a coarser but very palatable Hay with well-balanced levels of fibre, protein and energy making an ideal Hay for competition horses. This Hay has good colour and smell and as with all of the other products in the Fibre Select range it has been dust extracted to create a high quality, clean source of fibre. 
Fibre select soft and sweet


This Hay is produced from sweet, green Meadow Hay generally selected from our producers in Kent, the Garden of England. It generally contains softer, finer grasses found in the long established pastures and meadows which create Hay with a soft green appearance and a sweet aroma. Suitable for most types of horses depending on your personal preference. 
Fibre select premium ryegrass mix


This is a completely unique blend of high quality 1st cut Ryegrass Hay mixed with Ryegrass Haylage thereby containing the higher dry matter of the Hay to encourage slower eating thereby helping to promote a healthy gut but still containing the unique smell and texture of a good quality Haylage. The two products combined create a unique product, very clean in appearance with high palatability and great smell. 
Fibre select custom blend


For larger users the Fibre Select process allows us to create a Hay to your specific requirements. Through consultation directly with the customer and or with an equine nutritionist and by creating samples for visual inspection we are able to create and supply a long fibre Hay blend to your own specific requirements. 
Sourced directly from English farms and growers our English Hay is available now as Ryegrass, Timothy or a Timothy Ryegrass mix or Meadow. Supplied in conventional small Bale's or large square bales we saw source our hay from our comprehensive network of UK wide producers. We supply many different types of hay including, Rye grass, Timothy, Meadow Hay etc. Selecting only the very best of available to ensure you have a consistent high-quality supply whatever your personal preference 
Ryegrass hay


1st or 2nd cut Ryegrass Hay. Selected and sourced from our network of producers this Hay is clean and nutritious as well as a good source of fibre with a good colour and smell. Suitable for all types of competition horses. Available in small conventional bales or big square bales. 
Timothy or timothy / ryegrass mix


1st cut Timothy or Timothy / Ryegrass mix generally higher in fibre than Ryegrass and slightly lower protein and energy content. This is stemmy Hay suitable for most types of horses. 
Meadow hay


Generally selected from our producers in Kent, the Garden of England from long established meadows containing mostly natural grasses. Soft and green with an incredible sweet smell this Hay is very palatable. Suitable for most horses depending on your personal preference. 
Used for many years by some of the leading trainers in the UK, due to the combination of the long summer days and naturally rich soil found near the Eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains this is known to be some of the most palatable hay in the world. Pure Timothy, Alfalfa call Timothy Alfalfa mix. Supplied in 60 kg and 45 kg double compressed files shrink wrapped and delivered on pallets using our truck mounted forklift for easy unloading and storage. 
Timothy hay


1st cut irrigated or dryland Timothy. This Hay has exceptional green colour and great smell with good combination of stem and leaf producing highly palatable Hay consisting of medium protein and high in digestible fibre. Suitable as high quality source of fibre for most horses. Dryland Timothy is grown using natural rainfall and is cut once per season and irrigated Timothy is grown generally in dryer, hotter areas using artificial watering, irrigation from inland lakes or rivers and is cut twice per season. Available in double compressed bales of approx. 60kg and 45kg. 
Timothy / alfalfa mix


1st or 2nd cut Timothy / Alfalfa mixture Hay as it suggests is Hay produced from a field with a mixed crop of Timothy and Alfalfa, it can also contain some Orchard Grass and possibly fescue. Very nice deep green colour and the mixture of grasses combined with the Alfalfa create an exceptional smell that makes this highly a palatable Hay. The mix of the Hay will vary from batch to batch but generally we select the Hay with approx. 25% to 30% Alfalfa and the balance Timothy and other grasses. Generally slightly higher in protein than the pure Timothy this Hay is most suited to horses in strong work. Available in double compressed bales of approx. 60kgs and 45kgs. 
Pure alfalfa


Alfalfa is a legume forage that is generally higher in protein than most grass based Hay. It typically has low sugar content and is high in calories and digestible fibre. We generally select from 2nd or 3rd cutting which produces Hay with medium stem size and high leaf content giving hay with deep green colour and distinctive smell. Available in double compressed bales of approx. 60kgs. 
Selected from the very best Ryegrass Haylage available and our Haylage is course stemmed with great smell, appearance and texture that comes from being harvested at the optimum time. Our Haylage is available in the unique Fibre Select small bale with its 5 easy to feed equal portions that maintain full fibre length or in larger square bales. 


Selected from the very best Ryegrass or Timothy / Ryegrass crops available our Haylage is coarse stemmed with great smell, appearance and texture that comes from being harvested at the optimum time. Our Haylage is available in the unique Fibre Select small bale with its 5 easy to feed portions that maintain full fibre length or in larger square bales. All bales are palletised for easy delivering and unloading. 
We also supply hay bedding for warmth and manageability. 


We supply Wheat, Oat or Barley Straw in large square, conventional, or small bales depending on availability and your personal preference. All of our Straw is selected based on its golden colour and cleanliness. Wherever possible we only select Straw from producers using conventional combines that produce the Straw as long as possible thereby creating a warmer bed for the horse that is easier to manage for you. 
Why don’t you join the many professional organisations and horse owners around the world by calling us now to discuss your individual requirements. 
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